Monday, June 22, 2009

The Talk of the Nurses Station...

So now that Miss Annie is a little over two weeks I thought it was time to tell the story of the day we added her to our family. The night before....I had an enrichment activity that I went to and was telling everyone I had just come to terms that I would have the baby sometime next week which happened to be after my due date. After enrichment, Chris was working nights that week so I needed something to keep me from being bored so I thought I needed to get the stuff to make a tutu for my friend Kendra's baby shower that was on Saturday. I finished the tutu at 11:30ish and headed to bed. All night I wasn't feeling great I just thought I had gas or something :) because remember I was having a baby next week and was to tired to pay attention to the timing of these so called gas pains. After I woke up I realized that they were pretty regular about 8 minutes apart So I waited for Chris to come home from work so he could watch the kiddos while I went to my doctors appointment at 9:30. Chris was pretty excited and we were both hoping that my Dr. would check me and just send me to the hospital. When I got to the Dr. I was still having contraction about 7 minutes apart and only dilated 1-2. Dr. Kruger says well you live here in Lees Summit, why don't you go home and come back to the hospital if your contractions get closer together or stronger. And we will go ahead and set up an induction date for next week just in case. I came home pretty disappointed with an induction date of next Thursday and contractions were now 5 minutes apart. Poor Chris was up all night working so I sent him to bed and I told him I would wake him if I needed him. He pretty much laid in bed without sleeping much because he knew I was laboring all morning. Finally He came out around lunch time and was helping me time my contractions. ....Have you had one yet? you should be due for one. (That was very helpful and by helpful not so much) Then we spent another hour with Chris deciding how in labor I really was because he sends people like us home all the time and didn't want to be sent home. unfortunately you can't tell unless the cervix is checked and we both were not ready to cross that line. Anyhoo my contractions continued to stay at five minutes getting worse so we decided that we would go to the hospital When Robyn (Chris's sister that is staying with us) came home in about an hour. A half hour later I was in quite a bit of pain and started getting everything ready to walk out the door as soon as Robyn walked in. When Robyn walked in my Contractions were three minutes and off we went. Can I tell you a fifteen minute drive with contractions every 3 minutes makes for a long drive. We finally arrived at the hospital and made our way up to the Labor and Delivery floor with only stopping three or four times to breath through contractions we finally made it. We got to my room, changed, and they Checked your dilated 7-8 sweet lets hook up the epidural. I am still feeling pretty optimistic at this time when the nurse comes in and says nicely that we are going to try really hard to get you an epidural but we have to have your labs back before anything can happen. WHAT!!! I wanted to cry still trying to be optimistic...I'm sure there is still a chance. Then I watch Chris watching my monitors and I look pathetically at him and ask him "I'm not getting an epidural am I?" Then I think I did cry I don't want to be a pioneer and all Chris could say was I'm sorry honey I'm so sorry. He did try to make things better when the Dr. came in he asked about some Litacane shot to ease the pressure. I got the shot they broke my water and after three pushes we had a beautiful little Annie. So from the time we got to the hospital We had Annie an hour and a half later Honestly It wasn't as bad as I expected I'm just glad I didn't have to push very long because I think It would have been a lot worse. So during my Hospital stay I had many comments from the nurses how my Obgyn husband better check me next time so I could have an epidural. I tried to defend him because really it was both of our decision. Anyhoo after the whirlwind of events, being curious, I asked Chris "If my water would have broke at home would I have had a baby at home or on the way?" this was his reply..."It's okay honey I have delivered a few babies" THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!! I guess I'm glad my husband was there as dad and not as Dr. I guess things could always be worse.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

And Then There Were Five...

For all you blogaholics, please forgive me since this is my first time attempting to enter the blog scene. Today (June 4th) at 1756 (that's 5:56 pm for non-military and non-medical folks), Corine gave birth to our second baby girl, Annie Cook. Mom and baby are doing great! I'll let Corine give you all the juicy details, just remember when she tells it, I'm really not that bad of a guy. Have I peaked anyone's interest yet? Anywhoo, here's the stats: weight 7 lbs, 4 oz., length 19 1/2 inches, NOT A RED HEAD!

Hope you enjoy the pics and thank you all for all of your friendship!