Thursday, November 12, 2009

A week of Firsts

So last week was full of firsts for our family....

1)Ty started Tai Kwon Do. This is the first day he went and loved it. He is such a little guy, you can tell he is the youngest in his class but I think he did pretty well for his first time. He was ready to ditch the uniform as soon as class was over because he couldn't breath (the belt was too tight I guess) but of course I had to have a picture So I made him put it back on.

2) Lucy had her first dance class....Too bad I was a horrible mom and looked at the time wrong. We arrived at the very end. I think I was more devastated than she was! Lucy was sad but I asked her if she wanted to run up and dance a little in front of the mirror. She ran, did a little prance, ran back and was happy. Tonight we will go at the right time and remember to bring the camera. This picture was taken the same day as Ty's first day of TKD. All she wanted to do was go to her dance class so I let her try on her leotard. and of course because brother is having his picture taken She had to have her turn in front of the camera too.

3) Last weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! the temp outside was at least 75 degrees. We played out side and got some much needed energy out and played in the leaves. Now you ask why is this a first? Because, I'm not sure why, but this was the first time Ty and Lucy really have ever played in the fall leaves. Like I said, I don't know why this is a first, maybe because last year I was prego with Annie and at the peak of morning sickness. Who knows what happened the years before. Oh well we had a great time and spent at least two hours playing to make up for it.

4) Annie finally rolled over from back to belly....The only problem is that she has forgotten how to roll back so it has been slightly frustrating for all of us. I am always amazed that a baby can do something once or even more times then decide there is no need and won't do it for months after....I sure do hope she remembers soon!

You can't see it too well but I love the little crinkled nose when she smiles.

Time with Daddy

Because Chris is working nights our time with Daddy is precious. This day Daddy woke up a little earlier than he should have, but the kids were so excited to see him he decided to watch a movie with them. Lucy climbed up on his lap and before I knew it they were both out like a light. I love this picture for many reasons but mostly I love that Lucy has her arm around Chris' arm just chillin' with Daddy... too cute!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Festivities

(this is the best picture I got without crazy faces)

The kids started their Halloween festivities on Thursday where they dressed up for a preschool party. Then on Friday We had our ward trunk-or -treat where we froze our tushes off it was so cold and windy. Seriously, I think the ward party lasted a little over an hour before everyone headed home. We ate chili that cooled off as soon as we got there and had the trunk-or-treat soon after. It was still fun and amazingly there was a pretty good turn out. After we went to the trunk-or-treat we headed home to carve our pumpkins. Ty and Lucy were grossed out by the pumpkin guts and wanted nothing to do with cleaning it out. Lucy just kept saying it's digusting! I finally got some tongs so they could work on cleaning theirs while Chris and I worked on ours. Sadly enough I didn't take pictures of the final masterpieces. But I was pretty impressed with Ty because he created a ninja turtle pumpkin. This kid is seriously artistic for a five year old.

The next night was the night of Halloween ( insert scary music here) The kids have been dying to go trick-or-treating so you can imagine the excitement when it was time to go...hence the crazy pictures. We lucked out and had wonderful weather, far better than the night before. We just needed sweatshirts and we were off. We even bundled Annie up and put her tutu on with a cute skeleton onesie over her thick warm jammies It kind of reminded Chris of a Christmas Story..."I can't put my arms down!" But never the less she looked adorable....They all looked adorable! Lucy was so excited to trick-or-treating, she literally ran to each house and actually wore Ty out. It was fun to be able to watch the kiddos from the street and not have to go up with them unless it was a scary house. We had a good night or I guess I should say weekend

we are ready to go

Miss Blue eyes herself


Lucy is 3

On the 27th Lucy turned 3. According to a big three year old girl ,everything should be pink and princess. Our little Lucy makes us smile every day at the little things she does. She is such a girl but can keep up with her brother and the superhero stuff too. Chris is still on nights so we had to tweak our birthday celebrations again. Ty and Lucy had preschool that morning so we took them to school with birthday cupcakes to share, and sent Daddy to sleep so we could make a late birthday lunch to Culver's after preschool. Everything worked out well and Lucy was spoiled as ever. She is still telling us thank you for her presents. Man she is a thoughtful little one. Happy Birthday Goose!

(I thought her little cupcakes turned out pretty cute)