Saturday, June 5, 2010


This Little Miss turned ONE!

It is hard to believe that one year ago we brought this beautiful baby into this crazy world and now she celebrated her first birthday yesterday.
Yesterday we had a little family web party! Aunt Robyn came over and we skyped our parents so they could be a part of her birthday celebrations like watch Annie open presents and make a mess of the cake.

We had a party this afternoon with our friends which I think turned out pretty well with a lot of preparation. Thanks Honey for putting up with my craziness:) although I do have to say it was nice to have the extra motivation to get things done.

I was so excited to have a birthday party in June. I've had this birthday party on my mind for over a month now. And after it is all said and done and we were cleaning up it was kind of sad to not enjoy all that hard work a little longer...Oh well it was fun!!

As I was trying to decide on what kind of party I wanted to do and I came across an idea of a Watermelon theme, with the summer and all the fresh fruit my family eats this time of year I thought it would be perfect. Obviously I went with pinks and greens for the colors, and all we had for food was cupcakes and watermelon with pink lemonade and water to drink. I thought it turned out really cute. I also made a bunch of tissue paper pom-poms and hung them in the trees. So pretty!!!

Here are a few fun facts about Little Miss Birthday Girl!
Annie loves her brother and sister, when she is excited and having fun her tongue is sticking out with a big smile. She is loving baby dolls, and wants nothing to do with baby food. She loves to splash in the tub. She is still terrified of Shelly our dog but really enjoys watching her from the window until Shelly is too close. She is still not walking but will now clap when she is standing up so we know she is more stable it won't be long before she is running around.

As with any of our kiddos I don't remember what life was like before her and we feel so blessed to have this sweet little girl as a part of our family. Happy Birthday Annie Bear! We love you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Standing on two feet

This is what Miss Annie is working on this morning. Just a few days shy of her 1st Birthday she is standing, we will see if she will be taking steps by Friday.