Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dr. Cook on Fox 4

Chris was on Fox 4 news last night. I couldn't figure out how to post the actual piece on the blog so just click HERE to see it.

The first Dr. you see is a fellow Resident Logan.... he is a better actor than Chris so he did the first part of the piece. Chris is at the end in the background pretending to look at charts... apparently he would have been on longer but he couldn't keep a straight face :) Either way it is fun to see him pretending to work on the news.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Official!!!

We sent a signed contract to the Billings Clinic in Montana this morning.
Chris will be working with the Billings Clinic in Miles city, Montana
No turning back now!
It is kind of nice to be starting the fourth year of residency and already have a job set up.
What is in Miles city you ask? Great Hunting, Great Fishing a Walmart...and in one year the Cook Family!

Summer Time!!!

With all the warm weather we have been having, and with Chris just finishing his third week of working every single day. I needed something to keep the kiddos busy when it came closer to dinner time. I have really enjoyed the five dollar sprinkler my mom bought for the kiddos last year..... especially these last couple of weeks. I wait until about 3:00 by that time they are driving me crazy and there is shade in the front yard so they won't get too burned.
Then I let them run wild!

They drink the water because they can... and it's hot.

after a couple of hours of play
they come in and sit on the couch...


Like Magic...

They ....



There have been a few times that they have fallen asleep a 4:30 and slept through the night..I was worried that they would be up at 3am, but nope they even sleep in.

Steps and Kisses

Miss Annie took her first steps to her big brother while I was in the kitchen cooking dinner Tuesday Night. I guess Chris can't be sad he was at work because I missed it too :)
She is still pretty wobbly and only taking a few steps at a time but it is fun nun the less.
She loves to give kisses and I just thought it was cute she tried to give the camera kisses.
So to all who reads this.... here is a kiss from Miss Annie to you! MMMMUAH!!!