Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Ty Man!!!

Ty is 6 today! I tried to snuggle with him a little bit before he got ready for school and I am realizing that he no longer fits on my lap the way he used to. My little green eyed baby is 6 and growing faster than ever, it seems to happen over night!

I had intentions to post yearly pictures but the computer is having technical difficulties. So we will just post the Birthday party pictures from Saturday.

Right now Ty LOVES Harry Potter. It only seemed fitting to have a Harry Potter Birthday Party. Ty chose 6 friends to invite to his party and I went crazy planning the party. We sent out the invitations and got busy sewing robes and making wands. I found a lot of ideas online and meshed them with my own. The party turned out so fun(even for me) afterward Ty said "That was the best party ever!" We had a Birthday Banquet equipped with pizza and pumpkin juice aka orange soda topped off with an awesome candy cake. I tried to get Ty to let me make the cake into a quidditch field but he didn't want to so I backed down. After the banquet we had potions and charms classes where we made good luck potions and made ink disappear. I had them all believing they were doing magic by the end of the party. It was a lot of work but so worth it seeing the excitement on Ty's face. Happy Birthday Buddy We love you!!

the newest bunch of wizards

Potions class wengardium leviosa

can you say spoiled?....and that was 4 days before his birthday!

Here are Six fun facts about the Birthday Boy
  1. Ty loves to draw. He is always doodling on paper
  2. He is very passionate....sometimes good, sometimes bad.
  3. His favorite food is deer steak
  4. Ty almost always includes Lucy in everything and is adored by the littlest sister. For a while Ty was the only one who could get Annie to laugh. He is a great big brother
  5. Ty Loves his family
  6. And lastly, Ty LOVES to read! He practically taught himself how to read and has always loved being read to. Right now we are reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Playing Catch-up

There were a few very important people we were able to meet up with at the end of August and beginning of September.
So I am playing the backtracking game.

We had an extra ticket and I asked my most favorite little sister:) to fly out and visit us. Shal Shal came out for 5 days and we loved every minute of it! She cooked for us we stayed up and had girl talk and watched movies. It was a much needed visit on my part. I know this is a month and a half later but Thanks Shal Shal! We love you!

At the beginning of September our ward had a family ward temple trip at the Winter Quarters Temple. They worked hard and arranged for childcare and a ward picnic after sessions. It was a great turnout, in the session we only had a handful of people who were not in our ward. AWESOME!
Because the session was on Saturday We decided we needed a visit up to Iowa Friday night. We met up with our good friends Dan and Renae and their little cutie Josie. Even though it was quick it was so nice to catch up with them. The Arnold's are the kind of friends that even though we have not seen each other for about 5 years everything seems just as it did before we left Iowa. Thanks Dan and Renae it was fun to catch up!

The Mommies and Babies
(Ty and Lucy were in the car waiting to go swimming)

Don't they look like pals!
We miss you guys!