Monday, April 28, 2008

Eighteen Months!!!

Any LDS mom knows how important turning eighteen months is. Thats right, Miss Lucy went to nursery for the first time on Sunday!! Chris was on call yesterday, so it was nice to take the kiddos alone and be able to listen to the lessons. I was pretty impressed she went into class and I walked out, It was kind of nice to walk away without screaming.(Like Ty for quite a few months) I still can't believe how old she is. No longer a baby but a little girl. Where did my baby go?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lucy's Buddy

When Chris first brought our puppy Shelly home, our kiddos were terrified of her. Ty is slowly coming around to her but Lucy has now found a new buddy. Wherever Shelly is laying Lucy will find her to sit by her. Many times Lucy will finish dinner just to get down under the table because Shelly is there. I find it pretty cute that they are such good buddies.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Catch Up

Because I haven't posted for a while I now get to play catch up. So bear with me. I will start on the things that I don't have pictures of and move on to others. Not every thing will be in order but at least they are getting posted. I decided I was going to miss our family Greek Easter party in Utah next week, so we held our own party. We invited some friends over on Sunday and we made a ton of Greek food. It turned out to be such a beautiful day, the temp was in the 70's so we were able to play and eat outside. I'm not sure how much every one liked the food, but Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been snacking on it for the last two days. The snacking is kind of a bad thing because Chris and I have started a weight loss challenge. Who ever gets to twenty first gets a select prize. For me a Kitchenaid and Chris a Tablesaw. I still hate exercising but at least I have a motivator (it's pretty sad that just being healthy isn't a motivator for me). another thing that happened, on Sunday the primary sang in sacrament. Ty's first primary singing experience. He wouldn't go up unless Chris or I went up with him. So Chris went up to be the only adult with all the primary kiddos. I was in the back being the proud momma because it looked like he was actually singing I was thinking to myself he is singing but he is probably singing I am a child of God (not the song being sung) boy I was wrong! Chris came back laughing because Ty was singing, but he was singing his own song...."Some dinosaurs eat other dinosaurs." I'm glad Chris was up there to hear what our silly boy was singing.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Home Depot

Saturday We got a suprise, Daddy came home from his call night at the hospital very peppy because he got five hours of sleep (normally 1 or 2 hours is good) So instead of Chris sleeping and Me trying to keep the kiddos quiet while He was sleeping, We decided it was such a beautiful day we would clean up our backyard while the kids played. While we were working we decided we needed more lawn bags and wanted to talk to someone about our lawn anyway, so we packed up the kiddos and headed over to Home Depot. While walking through the store, they had a kids workshop where kiddos could make and take a planter box (this month). What a fun thing, they give the kids an apron or as Ty calls it an aprochaun and puts their name on it to keep. It was such a fun thing to watch Chris and Ty sit there building together. I actually wish I had my camera but we did'nt know. I guess Home Depot has a kids workshop the first Saturday of every month. I definatly think we will go back if we can remember.

Here is Ty and his box he was so proud of it!
He carried it around most of the day wanting to paint it.

The next morning
Ty is painting it "just the perfect color "
Good thing I had some black paint around
Lucy wanted in on the action so I used Grandma Cooks trick. (water, a paint brush and construction paper) what a cheesy smile, and messy hair!