Friday, October 23, 2009

Ty turned 5

On October 19th 2004 our lives changed forever. We had a beautiful baby boy join our little family and I can't belive that baby boy just turned 5!
This year for Ty's birthday we had to celebrate a little different. Daddy started his night rotation the night before so we would have to do our birthday celebrations the morning when daddy got home. I was a little worried because we always go to dinner for his birthday and sometimes Ty doesn't do well with change. So Saturday we explained that if he wanted to go to Red Robin we would have to do it early or the next weekend or we could have a birthday breakfast. His sweet little eyes lit up and said I want to go to Neighbors cafe. He loves the cinnamon rolls there. Problem solved! We had our birthday breakfast came home opened presents, sent Daddy to bed and stayed home and watched movies (birthday boys choice) the kids were still wore out because of the fevers they were battling the few days before So it all worked out. Just before Daddy went to work we sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes. Daddy went to work and we went to dinner Ty's choice He wanted a kids meal from Wendy's. We spent the day a little different this year but I think it worked out well.
Ty was still spoiled rotten :) And we still love him more than ever! Happy Birthday Buddy!

Milk Jug Skeleton

I remember growing up my Mom and Dad made milk jug skeletons for Halloween and we used them for quite a few years. The last few weeks I have seen a couple people who had them and I thought it might be a fun thing to do with the kiddos. Although ultimately I think it was more fun for Chris than anybody. The kids were more moral support and the hand and feet models. All of the patterns we saw called for 8 or 9 milk jugs but we tweaked it and got two skeletons out of 8. I think they turned out cuter if I say so myself. And on Halloween we are going to tape a few glow sticks to its chest to make him glow. We will see how that works out.

The master at work

The kiddos playing with Mr. Skeleton (with no arms)

And the final masterpiece hanging in the tree the kiddos were so wound up and excited!

Here is a website (MELISSA) if you want to make one but like I said we tweaked it to make more than one. We took the backs off the head, chest, and hip bones, used 4 handles instead of 2 and rolled and taped up scrap pieces to make the arm and leg bones. (two of the leg bones are handles). Have fun!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


So because because my lovely assistant has a little sister who also wanted to be a lovely assistant, we have two winners.

And the winners are......

Kirin and

I will get in contact with you to decide if you want a tutu or a cape and which colors you want and so on :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I enjoy making things for people and so I decided that I needed to have a giveaway. I am going to give one lucky winner a custom tutu. What am I thinking? Not all of us have girls or want a tutu so I will give you a choice between a tutu, or a super hero cape. Do you want to win? Just leave a comment on this blog or here don't forget your email address if you are not signed in. Anyone is welcome to enter even you blogstockers admit it we all do it! We will choose a winner on Sunday October 11th. I think I might be more excited about this than you are :) Good luck!!!

Annie's Tutu

I finally got Annie's tutu made and my good friend Charlene did her pictures this morning while the kiddos were at preschool. Click here for a peek. Really TUTU CUTE!!!!! Thanks Charlene I love them!


Today was the first day of preschool for both Ty and Lucy. This has been a long time coming, every day for the last month or so they have been asking when they get to go to preschool or as Lucy says my princess school. We can't afford real preschool but the high school has a preschool lab that last for about two or three months and is free so I get a break a few days a week and the kiddos love having all the new friends and seeing all their friends from church, there are about four families from our ward. When I picked them up I asked how their day was at preschool and Lucy says " now I'm ready to go to my princess school" Poor girl I think she had this idea of what school was and preschool just didn't cut it today. She actually had fun and talked about her day. But "Preschool" was just a place mommy dropped them off and came back three hours later not a school. maybe we really should find a dance class for her and that could be her princess school.

They both looked so little with their giant backpacks heading into the school.