Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today was the first day of preschool for both Ty and Lucy. This has been a long time coming, every day for the last month or so they have been asking when they get to go to preschool or as Lucy says my princess school. We can't afford real preschool but the high school has a preschool lab that last for about two or three months and is free so I get a break a few days a week and the kiddos love having all the new friends and seeing all their friends from church, there are about four families from our ward. When I picked them up I asked how their day was at preschool and Lucy says " now I'm ready to go to my princess school" Poor girl I think she had this idea of what school was and preschool just didn't cut it today. She actually had fun and talked about her day. But "Preschool" was just a place mommy dropped them off and came back three hours later not a school. maybe we really should find a dance class for her and that could be her princess school.

They both looked so little with their giant backpacks heading into the school.

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Melissa said...

Man your kids are cute.