Thursday, September 17, 2009

Camera play...

Any time I have the camera especially taking pictures of Annie (just making sure she doesn't become the younger sibling with no pictures) Ty and Lucy are always trying to poke their cute little heads in whenever possible. I thought this was pretty cute so I had to share. I love that they are all smiling, too bad it is a little fuzzy.

While I was playing with the camera I had Annie in these cute leggings doesn't she look like she's from the eighties? I guess the eighties are coming back baby!
I think I'm a fan...of the leggings not the eighties! Okay I can handle some of the eighties just lets get rid of the neon...WHAT THE HECK!!!!?

I can't believe our baby is three months I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital yesterday!!

We took this picture one Saturday night. We put the curlers in so we could have the pretty curly hair for church and I think little girls in curlers are adorable.... melts my heart!
Doesn't she look like a little ballerina? class here we come!!

Ty absolutely loves his sisters! He is always telling us "I think I am the favorite"
You're right buddy you are the favorite brother and your sisters adore you!


Rachel said...

Seriously. Corine. Your kids are BEAUTIFUL!. Annie is soooo adorable. I want to see her in person!

Dru said...

Oh my goodness, those kids are so cute man.

香織 said...

Your kids are so BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I can see them soon.

Anonymous said...

grandma says what beautiful kids i need that picture for me give them all hugs and kiss from grandma and papou they always melt my heart i miss them so much

Mick and Tiff said...

Okay first of all, your kids are adorable. Second of all, why is there a christmas tree in the background of the one with Lucy and curlers???

Miss you

Cook Family said...

LOL I was hoping that nobody would notice thanks for pointing it out! :) While I was prego I was very lazy putting my decorations away and that christmas tree was the last thing left so after it had been there so long I thought what is the point now? So now I need to find something to replace it because that space will look empty if I move it :)

James and Jessica Ford said...

That is hilarious about the Christmas tree. I have to go look at the picture now. I love Annie's bow. I loved putting those on my baby...and then they gtow up and won't wear them. Oh, well. Super cute kids.