Monday, March 28, 2011

St. Patricks day (a little late)

I just adore this picture and had to share!!!
looks can be deceiving... all three are looking pretty sweet here!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Was my last post really in December?!!! So much has been going on like Chris being on a seven week night rotation but that is seven weeks.... what happened to the rest of the time? That is a good question... there is really no answer for it... so here is my attempt to update the last three months! Let's go backwards shal we?
Saturday we went to the St. Patrick's day Parade here in Lees Summit. It was kind-of a bitter sweet day because this is the last time we will be going to this parade. After four years of parades, it's kind-of sad to think of this being our last.

Eating lunch while waiting for the parade

clapping in hopes of candy!

Silly Girl, Girly Girls and Hair-do's

This little girl has become quite the character. Annie is constantly making us laugh one way or another. In this picture Chris and I had a murder mystery party and we were in need of a good mustache so I put one together. The kiddos loved it! Annie would hold it up to her face and say "Hi Joe" she is such a goofy girl!

I am finally getting back into doing the girls hair. They love it Lucy loves to have princess hair and Annie thinks she is just as big as her sister. I have been dying for Annie's hair to grow and finally gave up and decided to try something anyways. It turned out cute of course had to take pictures.

Somehow we (the kids) have lost all of our sponge curlers so I decided to try Lucy's hair in rag curls for Sunday. Lucy woke up and ran to the mirror and said disappointed ..."Mom my hair still looks funny" we took out the rags and reveled the curls "like Magic" she had curls it was fun and turned it out cute unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the after.

Super Citizen!!!

Align Center
We got a letter in the mail from the School District saying that Ty was Nominated for a Super Citizen Award. For the month of January each grade nominated a student for excellence in Academics. The Kindergarten nominated Ty!!

They had a little program where the kiddos got to go up and receive their award and some goodies before an evening choir performance.
Ty clapping for the other recipients
(he is so little)

Our super citizen and proud Momma with bunny ears courtesy of her dear friend Amy :)

All the goodies...
Ty was insistent on taking a picture of the loot.
he got...
Tee shirt,a bumper sticker (yay!!) paradise park coupons, a free sundae from DQ, free donuts, and free apple dippers.

We are so proud of you Ty!! You constantly amaze us with your drive to learn!!!
Love Mom and Dad


Chris and I had an opportunity to go house hunting in Montana but we really didn't want to bring the kiddos. They flew the whole family to Utah to drop the kiddos off for some much needed Grandma/Grandpa/extended family time. They had a blast and I sometimes wonder if they even missed us. Before we headed off to Montana we had a few days before and after to spend time with family too.

Our first morning (a little sleep deprived) we met Adam and Ashley and the kiddos at Market Street Grill for breakfast. It was ooh so yummy!!! Somehow I missed the pictures of Adam and Ashley. I did manage to get pictures of the kiddos but didn't want to post them.
(I'm sure Ashley appreciates this)

We did manage to get a picture of Chris and I
(this rarely happens)

Chris' Mom and Dad also joined us....I love this picture!

This is the way we arrived most places with Annie during our trip....She was wiped out!

Utah part 2

Like I said before Chris and I only had a few days in Utah it felt kind-of like a whirl wind while we were there... and we often forgot our camera. The picture above was from my cell phone we wanted to make sure that we had pictures with Nana Bev and Papa Neil
(Chris' Grandparents)
Before we left back to Missouri We finally took some pictures with Grandma and Grandpa Kalakis

The girls helped pack

Ty was too busy drawing up the plans for his new room
(the one we are no longer building...a story for another time)

one more photo opportunity with Grandma Cook before we headed off to the airport.
Grandpa Cook had to work at the Temple.

The kiddos loved every minute spent with family. Like I said before, it was much needed. Chris and I love seeing our kiddos bond with their grandparents. There is nothing better than seeing your child interact with your parents. We love seeing those relationships grow stronger and stronger each time we are together. In a short three months we will be back!!! and living 8 hours closer!!!
Thanks to everyone who helped out while we were gone!