Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silly Girl, Girly Girls and Hair-do's

This little girl has become quite the character. Annie is constantly making us laugh one way or another. In this picture Chris and I had a murder mystery party and we were in need of a good mustache so I put one together. The kiddos loved it! Annie would hold it up to her face and say "Hi Joe" she is such a goofy girl!

I am finally getting back into doing the girls hair. They love it Lucy loves to have princess hair and Annie thinks she is just as big as her sister. I have been dying for Annie's hair to grow and finally gave up and decided to try something anyways. It turned out cute of course had to take pictures.

Somehow we (the kids) have lost all of our sponge curlers so I decided to try Lucy's hair in rag curls for Sunday. Lucy woke up and ran to the mirror and said disappointed ..."Mom my hair still looks funny" we took out the rags and reveled the curls "like Magic" she had curls it was fun and turned it out cute unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the after.

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