Sunday, March 13, 2011

Utah part 2

Like I said before Chris and I only had a few days in Utah it felt kind-of like a whirl wind while we were there... and we often forgot our camera. The picture above was from my cell phone we wanted to make sure that we had pictures with Nana Bev and Papa Neil
(Chris' Grandparents)
Before we left back to Missouri We finally took some pictures with Grandma and Grandpa Kalakis

The girls helped pack

Ty was too busy drawing up the plans for his new room
(the one we are no longer building...a story for another time)

one more photo opportunity with Grandma Cook before we headed off to the airport.
Grandpa Cook had to work at the Temple.

The kiddos loved every minute spent with family. Like I said before, it was much needed. Chris and I love seeing our kiddos bond with their grandparents. There is nothing better than seeing your child interact with your parents. We love seeing those relationships grow stronger and stronger each time we are together. In a short three months we will be back!!! and living 8 hours closer!!!
Thanks to everyone who helped out while we were gone!

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