Sunday, March 13, 2011


Chris and I had an opportunity to go house hunting in Montana but we really didn't want to bring the kiddos. They flew the whole family to Utah to drop the kiddos off for some much needed Grandma/Grandpa/extended family time. They had a blast and I sometimes wonder if they even missed us. Before we headed off to Montana we had a few days before and after to spend time with family too.

Our first morning (a little sleep deprived) we met Adam and Ashley and the kiddos at Market Street Grill for breakfast. It was ooh so yummy!!! Somehow I missed the pictures of Adam and Ashley. I did manage to get pictures of the kiddos but didn't want to post them.
(I'm sure Ashley appreciates this)

We did manage to get a picture of Chris and I
(this rarely happens)

Chris' Mom and Dad also joined us....I love this picture!

This is the way we arrived most places with Annie during our trip....She was wiped out!

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