Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Chris and I have always said even though we grew up with dogs, we are not going to be a dog family...That is until someone comes with a cute puppy to tempt Chris and it's all over from there. So after talking to Chris about ten times throughout the day. He came home with a super cute Huskey puppy for a trial run. We named her Shelley. (now does that seem like a trial run?) Our kiddos are excited and terrified of her at the same time. We are hopeing they will get used to her soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last Tuesday I came home from visiting teaching interviews to Chris staring at the computer looking a little confused. I ask him whats going on and he tells me,"I won some kind of award" Okay "what kind of award?" apparently someone nominated him (I'm assuming the Resident director) for the John Birch award. After a few days of investigating this award is kindof a big deal only eleven people in the Country get it so I guess it is a "great honor" as one of Chris' attendings tells us. Apparently it is a two thousand dollar scholarship to be able to go to the national Obgyn confrence in New Orleans. Crazy. We still don't know how exactly he got it but we are excited and proud none the less. The only bad thing is that the conference is May 3-7. right when we were planning on going to Utah because that was Chris' Week vacation. I guess we will have to tweek a few things, and hopefully he can get a few more days vacation, so he can spend vacation with family and not in lectures:)

Monday, February 11, 2008


So we finally got over the fevers at our house. Only to have Lucy super grumpy because she is cutting about three or four teeth. How fun is that? This picture is the position she has been in for the last few days. I'm sure many will agree...When you have a normally happy baby the constant crying really gets to you after a while. What do you do? I dont want to pump her full of Tylenol plus I dont think it last very long anyways. So I decided to get out the camera after she had the fifteenth or sixteenth melt down yesterday and took a picture of her sadness and share with you. Enjoy, we are!


On a happier note Ty has been into robots lately. He makes anything into a robot. So he asked Daddy last night to make a paper bag into a robot. We had to get a picture. Notice the one red eye peeking through the eye hole. Kind of creepy but cute!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Our house must be in a migration route for canadian geese or something. Everyday for the last month or so we have been seeing and hearing geese flying over our house. Especially the last few days at about four or five o'clock even more than usual have been flying over head. It kind of reminds me of the movie Birds. HAHAHA. Anyhoo We have been amazed by them, so I thought I would see if I could get them on camera. So here they are. On a side note, everytime I see and hear the geese I imagine my dad pretending to shoot them with his "gun finger". Because that is what he would do while I was growing up. Dad you would get lots of practice out here right now. One more side note... you may want to pause the music on the side of our blog if you want to hear the geese.

Sick day!

So this is how we have spent most of our day today. Poor Ty was the last to get the cold Chris passed on and it seems that he has it the worst. All day his temp has been in the 100's. So we have watched movies all day! I have decided that there are good things and bad things about your kiddos being sick. The bad thing is you never like to see your child miserable. But on the other hand when they are miserable, they are more willing to snuggle with you. Our kids rarely want to snuggle on a normal day, so we like to take advantage of these sick days and get all the snuggle time we can in.