Friday, February 1, 2008


Our house must be in a migration route for canadian geese or something. Everyday for the last month or so we have been seeing and hearing geese flying over our house. Especially the last few days at about four or five o'clock even more than usual have been flying over head. It kind of reminds me of the movie Birds. HAHAHA. Anyhoo We have been amazed by them, so I thought I would see if I could get them on camera. So here they are. On a side note, everytime I see and hear the geese I imagine my dad pretending to shoot them with his "gun finger". Because that is what he would do while I was growing up. Dad you would get lots of practice out here right now. One more side note... you may want to pause the music on the side of our blog if you want to hear the geese.


Anonymous said...

Is Chris following them to see where they land? This would be great for hunting. He may have to get permission from a land owner next year.
This is about like the snow goose festival in Delta.
Enjoy them while you can, before their all on vacation down in South America.

Jeff and Alison said...

Watch out! Geese can be mean. We had a ton of geese at the school I worked at and kids got bit ALL the time. I would say before recess, "Don't chase the geese, they bite." But it didn't least once a week some kid got bit.

That is cool though, unless you are totally annoyed :)

The Bucks said...

we have a bunch of geese by us... the only problem i have with them is when they start honking really early in the A.M

Canada Geese Removal NJ said...

Geese are so creepy!