Friday, November 23, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Rules:List 6 somewhat interesting,mabye unknown things about yourself and then tag 6 friends

1. I LOVE to go to Garage Sales! I think I truley have an illness because if I see a Garage Sale sign I honestly have a physical reaction and I have to go at least drive by. Most the time there is nothing but I have found some awsome deals. I bought a large chest freezer for 20 dollars at the end of the summer.I was so excited!!... wait... Im still so excited! How could you not love garage sales!

2. My senior year of high school I was in the Miss Murray Pagent. I probably never would have done it but the pagent director was a teacher of mine and kept bugging girls to do it until they said yes. I never expected to win (especially with the lack of talent) and never did but it was still a fun experience.

3. I'm actually a pretty shy person. I don't come out of my shell until I feel comfortable. I cant count how many times after I have made a friend they tell me..."I thought you were a brat until I got to know you" I really have been working on being less braty:)

4.I love to Bake (and eat the baked goods). Since we have moved here, I had been without my own cooking stuff for so long I kindof went crazy excited to use my own stuff. It got so bad Chris started asking what was for dessert every night. It has slowed down but I still love it and am constantly thinking of what to bake next. Actually I am hosting a Cookie exchange party so I can bake more. (too bad we gain weight along with eating the goods)

5. It sounds kindof pycho but I really have a fasination with Serial Killers. I'm just so interested what the heck is going on in their messed up heads. Chris thinks Im crazy so it's okay if you think so too.

6. I hate washing Dishes!! I will leave dishes in the sink until I can put them in the dishwasher and if the dishes are too big to go in the dish washer they stay in the sink until they drive me crazy or if I know someone is coming over. which ever comes first.
I tag: Tiffany F., Tiffany S., Rachel, Kirin, Alison, and Mitzy

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Outdoor Fireplace

The other day Chris decided he really wanted an outdoor fireplace. I have been wanting one since we moved here so when he suggested it I jumped on the idea. Ty loves it, every morning he wakes up and says " can we go start a fire and burn marshmallow's?" I think it was money well spent.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bragging Mommy

So, earlier today I was going about my business cleaning up toys for the tenth time when Ty kept saying "Mommy Mommy Look" After I finally noticed he was trying to get my attention he said "Look Mommy my name!" I looked on our table and he had arranged his cars to spell his name. I was so impressed I had to take a picture of it so I could show Daddy after he woke up. so I thought I would share it with everyone too.