Friday, January 23, 2009

St. Louis

Last weekend Chris and I decided that we needed a change of scenery and a trip to the temple. So on Friday as soon as Chris got home from a almost 24 hour work day/night we packed up and headed to St. Louis. We even let Robyn tag along with us :) She was company for me while driving while Chris slept on the back bench of the van. We found a hotel through priceline and ended up at a Marriott for 50 dollars, even better it was just down the street from the Temple. Saturday morning Chris and I woke up early to hit the 7:30 session while Robyn and the kiddos slept in. After we came home Robyn went to do baptisms while we swam in the nice and warm hotel pool. (you know it is a pretty nice hotel when the pool is warm). After checkout we decided to venture out and find the arch. We should have asked for directions but eventually we found it, we just took the scenic route. We had a great time and it really was a much needed mini vacation and much needed Daddy time. Another plus to having Robyn stay with us we actually get pictures of all of us together.


Ty started indoor soccer a few weeks ago and I am just getting around to posting about it. The picture above is the kids warming up. Ty is the third from the right in the grey shirt. Like any little kid sport not much happens but the kids running around chasing the ball. But Ty loves it. Here is a video of practice Ty is picking the ball up from behind the net and scoring. It is a little jumpy because I was trying to keep Lucy from running around, but if you look close you can see him at the end of the video score. then hear him say "I did it!" You may want to stop the blog music before you start the video.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's a Girl

We are having a .........Girl!!!
We have known for a while, I have just been lazy about the blogging .
I had an Ultrasound and Chris was going to get off work so we could find out together but he got stuck in surgery so when the ultrasound tech asked if I wanted to know the sex. I said "Yes, but No" I was so sad and Chris was too. But it is very convenient having an OBGYN for a husband because we just went to the hospital that next Sunday and found out for ourselves. We really would have been thrilled either way but we are excited for an other little girl.