Monday, June 30, 2008

Catch up!!

I have been without a computer for the last two weeks. Our computer Chris got for school finally decided to quit working like it should. Thanks to reading Alisons blog a while ago, we kindof knew what to do. Of all times to do this ! There are so many things that has happened and I have to admit sometimes blogging is the only way I feel like I'm linked with the rest of the world . It has been a crazy two weeks. the day before the computer problems Chris decided his Jeep was not going to work much longer so he thought we should go car shopping. Me, being the always looking to the future girl, decided that if we were going to get a car we should get a car that we can fit three carseats in (no I'm not pregnant just looking to the future). So I am now officially a mini van mom. I never wanted to have a mini van but unfortunatly that is all we can afford right now. Although, I do have to admit it is nice and roomy. So the next day I go to turn on the computer and nothing. I thought of Alisons blog and she had a picture of Jeff with a flashlight to the computer saving all their info. So I ran for a flashlight. Sure enough the backlighting had gone out. I guess it could have been worse. I took it over to the geek squad and they told us it would probably be a couple hundred dollars to fix. Long story short we decided the computer was old enough we should suck it up and buy a new one. We are still dealing with computer issues like our DMU laptop is currently hooked up to our new moniter while we wait for our wireless stuff to be installed in another week. What a pain! On another note, other than the no computer thing We had a pretty good week . Ty started swim lessons that a couple of the girls in the ward were teaching. They did lessons everyday last week so I got a nice tan while watching Ty learn to blow bubbles in the water and telling his teachers that he just blew bubbles so he did'nt need to do it again. What a frustraiting thing to watch! By friday he was doing better I hope when he starts his next set of lessons He will be more comfortable in the water. The other good thing about swim lessons the kiddos would play for a little while after lessons and would come home for a three hour nap. LOVELY! Last thing worth reporting, tonight is Chris' last night of night rotations for a while. It will be nice to have help agian. Pictures to come I just wanted to update a little before Chris came home and wanted to sleep. I hope you have a great monday!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Crafty Stick

Lately I have been hit on the head with the crafty stick. I have been obsessed making bows for Miss Lucy. Then we went to our city fair and while looking at the vendor booths I thought to myself that Lucy needs dress up stuff. I saw cute tutus for more than I was willing to pay. So I decided I was going to make one myself. I couldn't believe how easy it was and how much fun I had making it. And it cost less than five dollars! It makes me want to make more. I made it last night and was so excited this morning to try it on her. Too bad she wanted nothing to do with it. Until Ty tried it on and was running around in it. Normaly I would not let my little boy dress up in a dress but He was showing Lucy how fun it is right? (nice excuse)

Congratulations Aunt Shal Shal!

We just wanted to say Congratulations to Aunt Shal Shal. She is gratuating from the
Art Instiute of Colorado today in the Culinary Arts program. We are so proud of you and wish we could be there. LOVE US!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Utah Pictures round one

Here is the first round of pictures from our trip. I'm glad I at least have these pictures, because I left my camera cable at my moms. I'm now waiting for that in the mail so I can download the rest.

Ty and Lucy looking styling in their glasses.

I think Ty was finished with driving

Ty and Kayla were super excited to see each other
and just held hands for a while

We went to Leatherby's


Lucy was loving Aunt Robyn's shoes.

The girl does have style

Made a visit with Daddy to Nana Bev and Papa Niel's house.

That was just in the first week the next three and a half weeks are still to come.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back to real life

We made it home from Utah on Friday. My brother Brett and his little girl Kayla Sue made the long drive 16+ hour drive with us. We made it a two day trip and left on Thursday. We had pretty nice driving weather. It seemed to be that we were just a couple of hours behind the storms. Thank goodness. There was a Tornado in the city of Kearney Nebraska where we stayed the night about five hours before getting there. And another tornado on I-80 just past Kearney only an hour before getting there. After getting back on the road Friday moring we truly felt blessed that we were behind the storms. Looking at pictures of the aftermath of a tornado is nothing compaired to driving through it. And silly me I didnt take any pictures. Anyway we are home safe. We had a nice weekend with Brett and Kayla and took them to the airport yesterday. Now it is back to real life. Pictures of our Utah trip to come later.