Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We started our day off with Lucy asking for milk and Ty remembered what day it was and quickly ran to the fridge. He came running back " MOM, OUR MILK IS GREEN!!!!" Wow what a sneaky leprechaun. Again Ty says "Mom I wonder what else he is going to get. I need to get my net so I can catch him and get his gold". So as we were making breakfast that sneaky Leprechaun struck again and turned our pancake batter green right before our eyes as seen in our video. Surprisingly even Lucy loved the green pancakes and kept telling us she was eating leprechaun pancakes unlike last year she wanted nothing to do with green pancakes it was too cute watching them both. One of Ty's plans to catch this sneaky Leprechaun was to make a green watch (shown in the picture above ) and the Leprechaun would want it so Ty could catch him with his net. Too bad the Leprechaun has already taken the watch but decided to leave some gold coins to say thank you for the wonderful handmade watch. We are still waiting to see Ty's reaction. I decided being the parent is so fun to watch your kiddos imaginations run wild especially with a sneaky Leprechaun on the loose.

St. Patricks Parade

Last Saturday Lee's Summit had their St. Patrick's day parade. We have been planning on going for the last few weeks and then found out Chris was on call that day. I was up to the challenge and got the kiddos all greened up to go to the parade by myself. The parade itself was pretty disappointing for a St. Patrick's day parade there was only one man playing a bagpipe behind the flag at the beginning and no other bands the rest of the parade. Then the people throwing candy would throw literally one piece of candy every five yards. The kids still had fun and even scored a few green necklaces. It was a nice warm day and fun to see Ty and Lucy clapping for the random Business truck and trailer hoping a piece of candy would come their way. We had a good time but Some day we will have go to a real parade.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Peanut Butter

This is a song that was passed down from Chris' Grandpa Rasmussen. I love that Chris' mom passed these kind of songs down to her kiddos so we could pass them on to ours. I love to think of the many times sitting around with Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen and listening to all the random songs and stories. This peanut butter song is one of Ty's favorites so we thought we would share.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


After six years...
Five different times living with our parents...
Four years of medical school...
Three major moves...
Two great kiddos...
and One on the way!...
I sure do love this Guy!!
Happy Anniversary

Monday, March 2, 2009

Saturday Snow Storm

Saturday morning we woke up to three inches of fluffy snow....Not typical for the mid-west. We decided even though it was the end of February and we should be in a bad mood for that much snow, the snow reminded us of Utah snow so we ate breakfast and geared up in our snow clothes to enjoy the hopefully last snow storm of the year.

The kiddos loved the snow. After the first few times of sledding we finally got Lucy to go down by herself then she dragged the sled around telling us she was going shopping. While Ty spent most of the time cleaning off the cars. (that will come in handy after he is a little taller) After about an hour, the big fluffy flakes changed into the normal icy crystals and the wind started blowing so Daddy and I decided it was time to go in. It really was a nice way to start our weekend off. Now we get to enjoy the rest of the week with Daddy while he has his vacation. Even if he is studying a lot for his upcoming boards exam on Thursday. We still get to see him more than usual.