Monday, March 2, 2009

Saturday Snow Storm

Saturday morning we woke up to three inches of fluffy snow....Not typical for the mid-west. We decided even though it was the end of February and we should be in a bad mood for that much snow, the snow reminded us of Utah snow so we ate breakfast and geared up in our snow clothes to enjoy the hopefully last snow storm of the year.

The kiddos loved the snow. After the first few times of sledding we finally got Lucy to go down by herself then she dragged the sled around telling us she was going shopping. While Ty spent most of the time cleaning off the cars. (that will come in handy after he is a little taller) After about an hour, the big fluffy flakes changed into the normal icy crystals and the wind started blowing so Daddy and I decided it was time to go in. It really was a nice way to start our weekend off. Now we get to enjoy the rest of the week with Daddy while he has his vacation. Even if he is studying a lot for his upcoming boards exam on Thursday. We still get to see him more than usual.

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Anonymous said...

what a fun morning i'm glad it waited until this week not when i was there the kids on the sled look like they had a great time
love you all mom