Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Parade

Last Saturday Lee's Summit had their St. Patrick's day parade. We have been planning on going for the last few weeks and then found out Chris was on call that day. I was up to the challenge and got the kiddos all greened up to go to the parade by myself. The parade itself was pretty disappointing for a St. Patrick's day parade there was only one man playing a bagpipe behind the flag at the beginning and no other bands the rest of the parade. Then the people throwing candy would throw literally one piece of candy every five yards. The kids still had fun and even scored a few green necklaces. It was a nice warm day and fun to see Ty and Lucy clapping for the random Business truck and trailer hoping a piece of candy would come their way. We had a good time but Some day we will have go to a real parade.

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