Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning

Align CenterChristmas Morning started with Ty trying to wake up at three an was quickly sent back to bed for a few hours (much easier to do this year than it was last year) The girls finally woke up at about 7:30 and the excitement started!!

Santa Came and Ty and Lucy got what they most wanted!

Ty wanted the Harry Potter 3 movie. He got an awesome box set with a bunch of extras!
Align Center

Lucy got an "American Girl" doll
She thinks that any 18 inch doll is an American Girl
This helps Santa's pocket book and makes for a pretty excited little Lucy!

Miss Annie was pretty easy to please. She got and orange in her stocking and would have been completely happy the rest of the day. we convinced her to open some presents and she loves her new "D" (dolly)

We had a nice relaxing day spent in our PJ's because we had nowhere to be but with our little family.We played the Wii that Santa Got for the family we had marshmallow wars with the guns that Uncle Jared bought the kids (there's nothing better than shooting your kiddos with marshmallows Christmas morning just ask Chris and I) Then at about 5 We headed to see the Christmas light display at Longview lake (still in pj's) a tradition that has now come to an end. We then came home to make our traditional Rasmussen Steak dinner (usually on Christmas Eve but Chris was working so we tweaked things a bit)
Soon after our dinner I heard a crash and then a scream. This is what I found

Apparently, Miss Annie needed a sixth candy cane off the tree and somehow knocked it over. Luckily she was not hurt. I guess Christmas is over! The tree is down and the decorations will be put away tomorrow...and surprisingly I'm okay with that!
(I usually wait until after New Years)
On to the New year!!! We have a lot to look forward to!


Trent and Brooke Starr said...

Sometimes I really wish it was just our little family and we didn't have to drive all over tarnation going to parties! Your kids are adorable and looks like you had lots of fun! I've never had a child pull a Christmas tree down, but at least she was helping, right? :D

staci baker said...

Just checking in you, Corine. It's fun to see what you're up to! I also had a husband working Christmas Eve! Boo! And hey, you mentioned that this will be an exciting year. You're done with residency this year, aren't you?! YIPEE!!!! It'll be exciting to see where you end up. We're halfway. 18 months down, 18 to go. We're getting there.