Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bug Bites!!!

These are a few reasons (more like 14) I'm not a fan of the kiddos playing outside in our yard!! Yesterday I decided that it was a nice day lets go out and play. It was only four so I didn't think we needed bug spray...We were not out there for more than five minutes and Little Lucy's arms already had two big welts and her leg had one more! The reaction to the bug bites make me so sad and they look pretty painful! Ty has the same reaction too but this day the mosquitos got the best of Lucy. Sorry for the poor picture quality I had to have the flash off to really see the bites plus an old camera with poor resolution....Sigh...someday I will have a good camera.

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Anonymous said...

grandmas poor Lucy tell those darn mosquitos to leave you alone kisses for me to get better