Friday, October 23, 2009

Milk Jug Skeleton

I remember growing up my Mom and Dad made milk jug skeletons for Halloween and we used them for quite a few years. The last few weeks I have seen a couple people who had them and I thought it might be a fun thing to do with the kiddos. Although ultimately I think it was more fun for Chris than anybody. The kids were more moral support and the hand and feet models. All of the patterns we saw called for 8 or 9 milk jugs but we tweaked it and got two skeletons out of 8. I think they turned out cuter if I say so myself. And on Halloween we are going to tape a few glow sticks to its chest to make him glow. We will see how that works out.

The master at work

The kiddos playing with Mr. Skeleton (with no arms)

And the final masterpiece hanging in the tree the kiddos were so wound up and excited!

Here is a website (MELISSA) if you want to make one but like I said we tweaked it to make more than one. We took the backs off the head, chest, and hip bones, used 4 handles instead of 2 and rolled and taped up scrap pieces to make the arm and leg bones. (two of the leg bones are handles). Have fun!


Melissa said...

Is there some kind of pattern I can follow or something?
They look great.

Becca said...

How cute is that? I'll have to save up milk cartons next year.

Anonymous said...

cool skeletons love grandma kay

香織 said...

That is an awesome skeleton! I will try to make that next year.