Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Catch Up

Because I haven't posted for a while I now get to play catch up. So bear with me. I will start on the things that I don't have pictures of and move on to others. Not every thing will be in order but at least they are getting posted. I decided I was going to miss our family Greek Easter party in Utah next week, so we held our own party. We invited some friends over on Sunday and we made a ton of Greek food. It turned out to be such a beautiful day, the temp was in the 70's so we were able to play and eat outside. I'm not sure how much every one liked the food, but Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been snacking on it for the last two days. The snacking is kind of a bad thing because Chris and I have started a weight loss challenge. Who ever gets to twenty first gets a select prize. For me a Kitchenaid and Chris a Tablesaw. I still hate exercising but at least I have a motivator (it's pretty sad that just being healthy isn't a motivator for me). another thing that happened, on Sunday the primary sang in sacrament. Ty's first primary singing experience. He wouldn't go up unless Chris or I went up with him. So Chris went up to be the only adult with all the primary kiddos. I was in the back being the proud momma because it looked like he was actually singing I was thinking to myself he is singing but he is probably singing I am a child of God (not the song being sung) boy I was wrong! Chris came back laughing because Ty was singing, but he was singing his own song...."Some dinosaurs eat other dinosaurs." I'm glad Chris was up there to hear what our silly boy was singing.


Fuller said...

We are going to be around until the 3rd of May I think. Jared has to go back to Ohio 27th but will be back the morning of May 1st. It would be really fun to see you guys!

Heitmann Family said...

I love the "singing your own song"!! Ty is such a cutie!