Thursday, July 1, 2010

Steps and Kisses

Miss Annie took her first steps to her big brother while I was in the kitchen cooking dinner Tuesday Night. I guess Chris can't be sad he was at work because I missed it too :)
She is still pretty wobbly and only taking a few steps at a time but it is fun nun the less.
She loves to give kisses and I just thought it was cute she tried to give the camera kisses.
So to all who reads this.... here is a kiss from Miss Annie to you! MMMMUAH!!!


Robyn Cook said...

Oh my goodness!! How stinking cute!!

Anonymous said...

now she will be going places much faster love the kisses grandma and papou

Trent and Brooke Starr said...

Oh my gosh! SOOOOO adorable!! Mmmmmmnah right back!!