Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lucy is 3

On the 27th Lucy turned 3. According to a big three year old girl ,everything should be pink and princess. Our little Lucy makes us smile every day at the little things she does. She is such a girl but can keep up with her brother and the superhero stuff too. Chris is still on nights so we had to tweak our birthday celebrations again. Ty and Lucy had preschool that morning so we took them to school with birthday cupcakes to share, and sent Daddy to sleep so we could make a late birthday lunch to Culver's after preschool. Everything worked out well and Lucy was spoiled as ever. She is still telling us thank you for her presents. Man she is a thoughtful little one. Happy Birthday Goose!

(I thought her little cupcakes turned out pretty cute)


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to Lucy.
Those cupcakes are awesome.

Heitmann Family said...

Lucy is sooo adorable!! Happy Birthday to you Lucy!!

Anonymous said...

grandma misses you glad you had a great day you are such a beautiful girl

香織 said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! She is so cute!
I can't believe she is three already. It's hard to believe that Ty is five either! Time flies so fast.
I love the cupcakes. They look very pretty.