Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cookie Exchange Party

You’re invited to a Holiday Cookie Swap!
Leave the kids at home and come take a break from the holiday rush to share the Christmas Spirit with the Girls.

Hosted by: Corine Cook
Date: December 19th
Time: 7-9pm
Place: Corine's house
By December 15th

All cookies must be homemade
No duplicates…RSVP as soon as you can. Let me know what kind of cookie you will be baking
No Chocolate chip cookies, Rice crispy treats, or store bought cookies
Please bring copies of your cookie recipe to share
After everyone RSVP’s I will contact you to let you know how many cookies to make (1/2 dozen per person plus a dozen to enjoy during the party)
Pre-package cookies to be handed out
Arrange the cookies to be enjoyed on a platter or basket (be creative!)
No husbands or kids unless they are “attached”
Girls Only!

Tonight was my first cookie exchange party! I had such a fun time! I have been thinking about tonight for about a month now. Ask anyone who knew I was throwing it, and they would tell you that this party was all I could talk about. Every day I was thinking of what I could do and how to do it. The first of December the invitations went out and after reading every website about throwing one of these or any party for that matter. They all tell you to invite more than you expect to come. so that is what I did. Just about as soon as I gave the invites out, the rsvps came rolling in! Every invited person said they were coming. What were those crazy party planning people saying!! Did they not realize I was inviting a bunch of stay at home moms desperate for a girls night out? I started to panick how in the world am I going to fit 17 people in my little living room? Oh well I guess we will figure it out. so I went on with the plans. Until this morning everyone was still planning on coming. Then, I got a few phone calls My kids are sick and one who was feeling sick herself. so I guess the party people do know what they are talking about after all :) Anyhoo we had a great time. Everyone left with eight dozen cookies, sixteen different kinds and a major sugar rush. Wow what a fun night! But I'm glad its over. now its time to focus more on Christmas. can you believe it? less than a week. Where has time gone? good thing I got all my shopping done. Infact that is what Chris did. He took the kiddos out during the party,took them on a date to Culvers and did his christmas shopping I'm so proud for him for getting it done before two days before christmas. Now who is going to wrap those gifts?

My friend Jamie made this winter wonderland display for her yummy cookies it was

super cute!

Here is the display of cookies for all to sample before we took our own packages home seriously what a sugar rush! Good thing I had the cheese ball to try and balance it all!


Ashley said...

Nice cheese ball. As soon as you add us to your friend list, we will be third in line under "friends". Too bad our last name isnt' AAAnderson. Then we would be first.

Simmons fam said...

That looks like so much fun. I want to come to your next cookie party!! And good job Chris for doing some Christmas shopping. I buy alot of my own Christmas because if I waited for Mick I would get last minute Christmas eve gifts becausrt that is when he would start!!!

Rachel Sollis said...

so fun! I think I might have to steal your idea.

Heitmann Family said...

Oh, yummy!! I love holiday cookies!! Glad it went well and lot of good food was shared!!

eRiCa said...

Such a fun idea :) Ok sorry that i haven' responded til now...I just saw that you had commented on my blog and I totally remember you...and you made me laugh when you said you remembered my comment about my girls hair :) cute blog...hope you don't mind me checking in from time to time.

ltwis said...

Where did you find the little cottages (houses) to distribute the cookies in? I am hosting a cookie exchange this winter and would LOVE to find them.