Friday, July 18, 2008

One year later...

Last year we decided to rip out some ugly bushes that lined our stairs.
This is what it looked like until now.



Because Chris is on such a nice rotation we have been able to finish things like this.
He worked super hard and did a great job all in two days.
It is nice to not have the ugly house on the block :)
I am so excited to get planting!


Heitmann Family said...

I think it look great!! Ryan and I have some serious landscaping to do too. Our house is definately the ugly one on the block right now. I guess being unattended for two years will do that!

Mick & Tiff said...

Looks so good, Corine! What a great job you guys did. No way are you the ugly house on the block.

Erin J said...

Looks great jello! I would like to see a full shot of the house! My mom is at girls camp this week (she's the camp director) and I've been reminiscing with her how much fun you and I used to have at camp (diet coke and the big stereo!!)

Jeff and Alison said...

That looks so good! So, I am guessing that you guys bought a house there. That is nice and thank goodness for an "easy" rotation (if there is such).