Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Our Birthday Girl!!!

Today We celebrate Miss Lucy Goosey's second birthday. Somedays I just wonder where the time has gone. This time two years ago I was in the hospital waiting the arrival of our beautiful little girl making number two. She is all girl, loving princess shoes, neclaces and dresses. We had a good day celebrating Lucys birthday. Ty really wanted to get Lucy a present so I took Lucy to a friends for an hour and Ty and I were off to find the perfect present. Lucy loved the umbrella Ty picked out. Later, we celebrated her birthday dinner at Ihop and then opened presents. It was a great day! We are so glad that we have her as a part of our family. Happy Birthday Goose!
Princess umbrella from Ty
Lucy's new george jammies!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!! She is soooo cute!

love the Shelley's

Mick and Tiff said...

Happy Birthday Lucy Goosey! I love that Ty was so big on getting her a gift. What a cute brother! btw- Addy did love her Dorothy shoes. I think it is the tapping noise these girls love!!! I hope you guys had a great Halloween.

The Nielsen Family said...

Wow, you guys, it's crazy how our families are growing older and expanding. Cute family!!