Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hy-vee Coloring Contest

A few weeks ago Hy-vee had a coloring contest so I picked one up for our little artist Ty. Ty loves to color so he was super excited and wanted to color it right away. Ty finished his picture and it sat on our fridge for a week before I realized that it needed to be back to Hy-vee. It's a good thing because Ty won his age group 0-4 years. Hy-vee called yesterday and told Ty he won and could come pick up his prize Saturday afternoon. Ty was so excited to tell every one about winning it was pretty cute. As soon as Ty woke up this morning he asked if we were ready to go get his prize. So we ate some breakfast and headed to the store. He won a Royals monkey. Slugger, the mascot for the Royals was there so we asked Slugger to sign the monkeys shirt. Like always when Ty gets around strangers he clams up and won't talk or smile so we were unable to get a picture of Ty and Slugger but as we left he finally let us take a picture of him (with a smile) by his drawing hanging up with the other winners at the front of the store.


Anonymous said...

we are so proud of you you did a great job your going to be an artist like papou and uncle jared they also like to draw and color things
we love you grandma,papou

Trent and Brooke Starr said...

So cute!! I totally love how excited they get when they win something! Good job Ty!

Becca said...

How exciting!

Amber said...

Good Job!! You're getting close Corinne!! How exciting!!