Thursday, March 18, 2010

St.Patrick's Day

We had an eventful day yesterday between trying to catch that sneaky leprechaun who turned our milk and pancakes green again, and an unexpected trip to get two...yes two kids hair cuts all while trying to get some sewing done for the spring open house this weekend I was ready for a nap by two o'clock!
Our morning started off with our ritual of green pancakes courtesy of Mr. Leprechaun. I wasn't sure how he was going to do it because all Ty has talked about was catching the Leprechaun when we made pancakes. Lucky for the Leprechaun, Ty was distracted by Dinosaur train while the pancakes were mixed. Just like last year the mix turned green when they "helped" stir the batter. They were pretty excited about the tricks but not too long after Lucy was a little creeped out by the idea of a little green man in our house playing tricks on us and according to Lucy green pancakes an milk are gross!

After reassuring Lucy that the Leprechaun was done playing tricks and he is not scary I sent the kiddos down stairs to play while I got some sewing done so I could drop stuff off to the shop after lunch. I was feeling pretty good about myself and keeping on task and just as I was patting myself on the back and that I would be done before lunchtime Lucy comes up with a handful of hair. I take one look at her while I'm holding back the tears I just looked at her and said "OH BABY WHAT DID YOU DO!" She cut probably 6 inches off!!! I about died!

After the initial shock of her pretty hair all gone I snapped some pictures and started getting the kiddos dressed to make a run to the salon. Ty got dressed and I got the girls and myself dressed I asked Ty to comb his hair because it was sticking straight up in the back. He came out with it plastered to his head :) As I was getting ready I was feeling self conscious about my parenting abilities (letting my kids play with scissors, let them go out in public with plastered down hair) and I didn't want the stylist to judge me so I tried to fix Ty's hair. As I was combing it I realize that he too had cut his bangs super short on one side. CRAP!!!! Luckily for him his fix just looks like he has a short buzz cut for now. Lucy on the other hand chopped 6 inches! We got to custom Cuts and the fixed Lucys hair and buzzed Ty's She was really nice and only charged me for Lucy! Thank goodness because the night before I left my purse in Chris' car credit cards and all! All I had was a twenty in my pocket! Oh boy what a day!!!

I hope you had a fun St. Patrick's Day ...We sure did!!!


B. Chad said...

Oh my!!! She looks sooo cute, though!

Mick and Tiff said...

The finished cut is super cute but looking at the pics with her pretty long hair cut makes my stomach churn. Sad! BUT she does pull off the short cut easily. She is so cute.

Sounds like you had a great day. Cute video with the pancake mix.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry you unable to catch the leprechaun glad you had a fun day lucy you do really look like your cousin kayla with your hair cut what cute kids better luck next year catching that sneaky leprechaun
love grndma kay

M & S Eagar said...

At least she's cute enough that any hair style is adorable on her!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, I would've been crying too.
Oh man, I'm so sorry.
BUT.......she just looks SO CUTE with her new bob.
Lucky it could be cut into a bob and wasn't to the scalp, then we'd have problems.

Becca said...

Wow, there has been a lot of haircutting in the ward lately!

I like the sneaky leprechaun.

Amber said...

what a day! Lucy's hair does look cute though! But how sad, too!!

Trent and Brooke Starr said...

Hilarious! She looks adorable as always! I totally love that you have a leprechan that comes to your house....I can barely remember to remind my kids to wear green! You are an amazing mom! Don't let anyone (including yourself) tell you any different! Love ya!

MissRochelle said...

hahahahah. oh my stars. Well at least she didn't cut it at the root, or in the front. Good thing shes adorable!

香織 said...

She is cute with the short hair too, and she does look just like Kayla. Kay told me about the hair cut incidents. I think almost every kids do that at some point of their lives. I sure did when I was little.