Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Great Grandpa visit

Great Grandpa Cowan came for a visit on Easter and stayed for a few days. They were fascinated by his trailer, Ty called it Grandpa's clubhouse. Grandpa got all sorts of pictures made by the kids and was entertained by the whole time. He was even nice enough to watch the Princess and the Frog with them. The kids were in heaven! This is the picture of Lucy and Grandpa watching the movie. I loved having him here it was so nice to slow the pace of my every day life and spend some time with my Grandpa not to mention letting the kiddos get to know Grandpa a little better. We love you Grandpa and we are so glad you came!
The kiddos are still talking about your visit!
Ty-"hey mom do you remember when Grandpa sneezed?"
Lucy-"it scared us!"
Mom-"Yes Grandpa's sneezes have scared all of us at one point and time" :)

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