Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grandma Cook and Aunt Robyn

Last week Grandma Cook and Aunt Robyn came for a visit during Chris' vacation. It was so fun to watch the kiddos play, and it was fun to have a couple of shopping buddies for me. I'm pretty sure Chris also enjoyed just having his mom around and have Robyn around to pick on. during the visit I even put them to work and we painted Lucy's room three hours before heading off to the airport (I'm claiming it was Susans idea:)) We had such a fun time and we will always wish for more time but cherish the time we do get. The kiddos are still detoxing from a "Grandma and Robyn" high. Lucy is still wanting to be held all the time and Ty still thinks he is in charge of what we do for the day. It will probably wear off just in time for our trip back to Utah. Thanks for the fun times.

fun times with Grandma and Aunt Robyn

Lucy trying to walk in Grandmas Shoes

Grandma Watching Ty paint Lucy's room

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