Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter!!
What a wonderful time to reflect on the Ressurection of our Savior Jesus Christ,
and all he has done for us. I'm so grateful for all we have. Here are some pictures of our day
We started the day off by getting up super early to get ready for church. We had to be there early because Chris and I were speaking. (of all days to speak !!!) Thank goodness the kids had to look super cute it helped get my mind off wanting to throw-up.
Ty was so excited to finally wear his new dinosaur tie
Lucy was more excited to see what was in her basket but I was loving the puffy dress. Girls are so much fun
After church and naps we decorated easter cookies (Thanks Grandma Cook!)
Lucy found the easter grass and decided it was fun to throw everywhere. I put it away not to long after all her fun. Happy Easter Again!


Shelley Family said...

They looked sooo cute! You guys did a great job on your talks too! I need another girl to put cute little puffy dresses on, Miki says she is to big for that now :(

Mick & Tiff said...

Happy Easter guys! I agree that dressing a little girl is the greatest thing ever! We are in Hawaii from May 1-8th so after that we are having our day! Baby Expo is coming up again the end of this month and I am so sad you are not here to go with me. (Boohoo!)

Jeff and Alison said...

Sooo cute! It looks like you had a great Easter day! I love the picture of Lucy...she looks so excited about all the presents.

Heitmann Family said...

Glad you guys had a good Easter Sunday!! I bet you gave wonderful talks. And super cute kids too!!

Summer/Duke said...

So I have decided you have the CUTEST kids in the world! Too precious!