Monday, August 4, 2008

Cook Family

This past week we have enjoyed Chris' Mom, Dad, and sister Robyn. Robyn came to live with us because she will be starting law school at UMKC. After a long trip for the three they finally made it to Missouri last Sunday. We have had plenty of time to enjoy each other. We even put them to work and finally painted our living room hallway and kitchen. We were able to see alot of church history finishing the week off with a small trip to Navoo. We are so glad we had plenty of time with Grandma and Grandpa Cook and are excited to have Robyn stay with us.

Our little family at the Navoo temple

Aunt Robyn and Lucy enjoying the Mississipi

The beautiful sunset we enjoyed on the drive home. Made us kindof miss Iowa.

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M & S Eagar said...

Oh...I miss Nauvoo and all of Iowa too. Thanks for the good pics - it brought back memories. Glad to hear you had a fun little vacay.