Friday, August 22, 2008

Imperfect cookies

I love the look of imperfect cookies. It tells me sweet little helping hands did the work with me. Ty has been wanting to make "the cookies that you roll out" for weeks, so I finally made the time to do it. Sometimes being a busy mom trying to keep up with the house, paying bills, church callings, and other things; I forget how precious time spent not worrying about those things and spending time making a mess with my kiddos really is. I love to watch Ty master the skill of rolling out dough then using his imagination while using the cookie cutters. I love to see Lucy watch her big brother and try to imitate everything he has done. Such a simple thing that really didn't take that much time. I enjoyed every minute of that time we were making a mess and was reminded again that it is okay to put off making a phone call or doing laundry so I could watch my kiddos be kids and join in for a moment forgetting every thing that needed to be done.


Anonymous said...

they look like such good cookies grandma wishes she could have some
i'm sure they are so good love you all grandma Kalakis

Jessie James and the Outlaws said...

Funny you should ask...It didn't go over very well. I won't be doing that again. I must have been really tired and stressed out...I love what paint does too. I wish I could see your house now. I thought it looked great before. Tell me again that it is oing to get easier.