Saturday, December 27, 2008

We had a nice quiet Christmas with our little family. Although we missed being with our family in Utah, We enjoyed having no parties to be to and being able to spend the whole day in our pj's and watching movies.

We started off with Christmas Eve. Chris had to work a half a day in clinic so the kids and I cleaned the house getting ready for Santa to come. When Chris came home we finished up the cleaning and I was off to Walmart for some last minute Christmas Breakfast food. What a crazy place to be Chrismas Eve. I was amazed at how many people were buying a ham last minute. good thing I just needed milk and eggs.
Both mine and Chris' grandparents always throw a big Christmas eve dinner and so We thought because we can't be there with family we would make our own. Chris' request was to have steak like his family tradition so we had some great steak and potatoes. After dinner we quickly cleaned up and whipped up a batch of boiled raisin cookies for Santa and headed off to Longview lake with our new pj's and robes and a Christmas movie in the car to look at the Christmas in the park lights. We knew with it being Chrismas Eve that we would probably wait for a while so we were glad to enjoy "Buddy the Elf". We got home and put the kiddos snug in their beds, excited to see what the morning would bring.

We didn't realize that morning would come at 3:30. Ty came running in saying "Mommy he came!" I looked at the clock and told him that we needed to wait for a while so he could get his pillow and blanket and sleep on our floor until it was time. Little did I know that he would be asking me every time Chris or I would move he would ask "is it time?" he finally fell back asleep at 6:00 and we had to wake him up. Even though we got little sleep, It was fun because that was the first time Ty has been so excited like that about Santa.

Lucy got plenty of baby and princess stuff you could tell what pile was hers after everything was opened because it was just a big pink pile.

Here is our beautiful princess with her accessories. She was mad when she had to take them off for her bath.

Ty was the hardest to shop for. All he wanted was E.T. the movie, Candycanes on the Christmas tree, and a Moose paper to make a card. needless to say he got everything he asked for. Crazy kid. I was glad he was happy with the other gifts he got because anytime I would say Maybe Santa could bring that he would get mad and tell me the three things he wanted nothing else.

Santa enrolled him into an indoor soccer that starts the first of the year so he got his own soccer ball and cones.

We were very lazy all day watching our new movies, and eating. and eating, then we ate some more. It was a great Christmas, spending time with our little family and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas.


Heitmann Family said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas!! Ryan too had to work on Christmas Eve!!

M & S Eagar said...

How cute that Ty was up at 3:30! What a sweet memory. We actually had to wake up and drag our kiddos out of bed because the rest of the family was anxious to see their reactions to Santa gifts. In fact, their Uncles picked them up out of bed and carried them upstairs.

Mick and Tiff said...

Merry Christmas my friend!! Glad you had a great time even if you were away from all the great people in UTah!