Monday, August 16, 2010


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Today was Ty's first day of Kindergarten. I guess technically Wednesday will be the first day but Today was Kindergarten Transition day. The buses come and pick up only the kindergartners and they go for a few hours so they hopefully can adjust a little easier.

Ty waiting for the bus

The bus gets here and Ty just hops on, no hesitation whatsoever!
See ya Later Mom and Dad!

Luckily we have fabulous friends who tell us it is okay to put him on the bus, then get in the car and drive to the school to take pictures at school. So that is what we did put him on the bus and then put the girls in the car and off to Prairie View.

(here is Ty arriving at school)
while waiting for Ty's bus I started to get slightly emotional, we walk in the doors walk past another Mommy who is having a hard time...little more emotional but able to contain my emotions.

We take one last picture of Ty before he goes into his class room. Once again he goes in with no hesitation, just with excitement to finally be a Kindergartner.

The PTA did a little breakfast for the parents called the Boo-hoo, Ya-hoo breakfast where we went for Muffins and Juice. We headed down and I felt like...WOW we got through sending our baby off with out any tears. Then the PTA gave the parents a little bag with tissues and the poem at the beginning of the post. Lets just say it was a bad idea to read it. Ty has been so excited to start school and I have been so excited too. I was not expecting to feel emotional at all.....but I couldn't help it.... all of a sudden our baby is growing up and the next thing I know I am putting him on a bus and sending him off! I think Chris was even surprised at my emotions. I guess as crazy as Ty makes me sometimes, I'm still going to miss him!

We love you Buddy and hope you continue to have that drive and passion for learning!
(we will see how Wednesday goes)


Melissa said...

I love that breakfast the PTA did.
That's how I feel.
I need to get Masaru registered.
What if they do something like this and I miss it?
I hope it goes well.

Heitmann Family said...

Wow he can't be that old yet. I still remember you coming home from the hospital with him. It is easier to see them go off to school when they love it so much!! Enjoy it!!

Anonymous said...

grandma can't beleive her little guy is growing up so much. especially when they are not around us all the time like i would love to have but know it's not meant to be right now. Ty grandma is very excited for you also i know today will go well for you. I can't wait to talk to you tonight. I think from your picture you have grown up alot in the last few weeks and gotten taller. LOVE YOU lots

Trent said...

Hey Chris,

Give me a call sometime! 319-331-9935. I tried your email but I'm not sure it's a good one. I hear you're in Montana? We need to catch up.


staci baker said...

I understand! I just sent my Ty off to Kindergarten this week also. I totally get what you mean--so excited to send him off because of the trouble he can cause you, but when he actually leaves, it's sad and sentimental! I also love the Crown Center pics. I've actually been there! We went to a Family Medicine conference in KC two years ago and went to there. It's a fun place! It's fun being able to see what you're up to. I love blogs! ;)