Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I downloaded these pictures with the intent to write about our adventure later. I realized that I had posted after I already had 4 comments :)

One of the Dr.'s groups has season ticket to the Chiefs and when they are unable to go, they give the lowly Resident's the tickets :)

Chris lucked out and got two tickets to one of the last pre season games against the Packers!
We were 45minutes late to the game because the freeway was closed down due to a wreck But we made it. Our seats were on the Packers side eighteenth row up from the field!
These tickets were priced at 89.00 each.... holy moly! There is no way we would have ever gone to a NFL game while here in Missouri unless it was free. Luckily it was free and we can mark that off of our list :)

See a NFL game live...Check

The next week Chris came home with four tickets to the Royals game :) more to come on our adventure at the Royals stadium!


Melissa said...

Good you guys got a night out.

Amber said...

You have had Blog Stalkers?? That IS creepy! Yeah for FOOTBALL! How fun! Good for you guys!

MissRochelle said...

SOOOOO jealous! I wanted to go to this game so I could wear my cheese head. No, I actually have one. GO PACKERS!!!! :)

Trent and Brooke Starr said...

Awww!! Love the picture of you two! We sure miss you!!