Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Royals Game

Like I said in the previous post Chris got 4 tickets to the Royals game last week. We were excited that we were finally going to see a game. We have lived here over three years and this is our first game...sad I know!

Our Tickets said the game started at 7 I thought that was weird because the Chiefs first home game of the Season was that night too. The morning of the game Chris luckily was listing to talk radio where he found out that the game had been changed to 2 in the afternoon! NUTS!!! Chris was able to do some juggling and cashed in on favors at work so we could make it to some of the game. We took Ty out of school 30 minutes early and headed to the game. We got to the stadium but we ended up in line with a bunch of crazy Chief tailgaters and sat in the car for forty five minutes.... talk about frustrating! When you are heading to a game and you can see the stadium while fighting traffic with the nutcases who are partying for a game that doesn't start for another 6 hours! We got to the parking gates and they tell us that our parking pass is no longer valid because it was after 3:30...it was 3:50! We don't have any cash so they tell us that they will take our Drivers License and we can go pay at the stadium to get it back. We were in such a hurry to get to the game We didn't read the paper with the instructions. ... until we drove away....

(Go to the Chiefs customer service at the end of the third quarter with your receipt to retrieve your license)

WHAT!!! We weren't even going to the freaking Chiefs game! How in the heck are we supposed to get our license back now? Finding parking was a joke. We kept getting redirected away from the Royals stadium and now it was the top of the 6th inning, we were super frustrated. Finally we pulled over to the silly people who were trying to redirect us and they told us how to get to the game. We finally got parked and headed to the game. We asked the ticket guy what we should do about our license and he was kind enough to tell us where to get it taken care of.
We decided to get to the game and worry about the license after so we could calm down a little bit.

Our tickets were on 6th row behind the visitor dugout! AWESOME!!

We told the kiddos they could get a drink so I took Lucy and got two sprites at $4 each. All while wishing we did not tell them we would get anything ....$4 really? We got back to our seats when Lucy informs me she has to pee..really Luce? You couldn't tell me this 2 minutes ago! So back up the stairs we went:) After we came back we had a good time. We were able to see the last two and a half innings and think that is all the kiddos could have handled anyway.

Our post game photo.
I think their smiles say it all!!!
(minus a few mishaps)

After the game we waited another hour to get the License back from the Chiefs people. Over all it was fun to have family time. Chris got off work early to go to a baseball game, and it didn't cost us a penny...wait ....it only cost us $8 for those stinking drinks:) robbery I tell ya ROBBERY!!!

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Trent and Brooke Starr said...

I love you! :) So glad it ended up being fun....at least you had an adventure, right?