Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Miss 4 year old!!

Miss Lucy Turned 4 Last Wednesday. Our Computer and Camera was giving us problems so we didn't have a post until now. Here is an fairly recent picture of our little Goose. I feel this picture captures her personality perfectly. She is always smiling...okay almost always (with a little bit of goofy on the side) Lucy's day started off by heading off to school armed with mini cupcakes to share with her preschool class. Then we came home to watch princess movies and what ever Miss Lucy wanted to do for the day. When Daddy came home, we went to Red Robin for her birthday just like Ty because she wanted her very own ice cream too. When we told our server that all she wanted for her birthday was Red Robin. He thought we meant the mascot Red and so he found Red in the back of the restaurant to come say happy birthday to her. Lets just say our waiter got a good tip! Luckily Aunt Robyn's Camera phone was working so we will at least have some memories of Lucy's fourth birthday. Those pictures will come soon. When we came home we had more mini cupcakes and opened a lot of presents. We had minor melt downs by a certain big brother due to a pillow pet and a tad bit of jealousy but it has since been resolved. We will be having a little fairy tea party with her friends so those pictures will be posted next week too. Miss Lucy we love you so much goosey goose! We are so lucky to have you!

Here our four fun facts about our little four year old
  1. Miss Lucy loves her Prince...aka Daddy
  2. Miss Lucy has the sweetest voice. Everywhere we go we always get a comment of how sweet her little voice is.
  3. Miss Lucy LOVES animals.
  4. Lastly Lucy is all girl, but doesn't let it stop her from keeping up with the boys.

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Heitmann Family said...

She is absolutely adorable!! I love her little smile. Can she really be four already?!!